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The Storm Always Comes for Hail Adjusters

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On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again. We all are there, waiting for the first storm.

It can be hard to sit and wait, watching the weather channel, looking for a phone call. Not sleeping, over eating, the start to a hail season can be a nerve wracking time.

Each of my 5 years there has always been a “false start” of sorts. This year is no exception. The first few waves of storms has come and played games with us, providing false hope and discouragement.

I want to let you know that I am talking with companies across the industry and most are sitting at home waiting for a call, just like you.

I wanted to take this Monday to give you some news that could be even better than the previous statement. Every year, no matter the year, the storm always comes.

I may have to be patient, and it feels like I’m not getting started soon enough, but indeed the storm always comes.

The storm season typically starts at the end of February, but doesn’t ramp up until April 1st. The storms stay strong through August and some into September. This puts the typical hail season March-September. Now Denver has a habit of being hit in late September, the 29thto be exact, which has ruined my vacation in 2014.

I want the storms to come with great promise for you this year. If you are sitting at home wanting to make money make sure you do a few things,

  1. Finish your Hail Score Course and Certification (if you haven’t signed up click HERE)
  2. Work daily claims (if you need help grab my Crash Course to help you get started)
  3. Do a hail dance (this works, at least 10% of the time) :-)
  4. Turn Off the Weather Channel and spend time with your family instead

The storm always comes and I look forward to meeting you then. Hail season is upon us.

Your Guide, Chris Stanley

P.S. If you haven’t checked out the IA Path Podcast do that while you run in place waiting for a call.

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