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Step 2 to Becoming a Hail Adjuster and Making $500 a Day

Step 2 of the 5 Steps to Becoming a Hail Adjuster Series

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(This is part of a 5 part series. Look for Step 2 tomorrow. If you want all 5 steps today, click the link below)

Step 2: Decide

Deciding if catastrophic hail adjusting is right for you, is something only you can do. I’m not willing to give inflated promises like,

“Anyone can do it” or “Everyone should work this job”

The truth is anyone COULD DO IT, but not everyone CAN DO IT. This job isn’t rocket science or brain surgery. Although, most people try to inflate their job to make themselves feel more important, I believe that if you have basic customer service skills, can count, and are willing to learn a computer program you have the basic skill set needed.

The hardest part about the job is the way it demands you and your life. From March to September you are “on call.” Within minutes your week of plans can be destroyed by a phone call telling you that you are deployed to Dallas, TX. You don’t know how long you’ll be working or when the next storm will come. The mental and emotional roller coaster is a ride that not everyone is equipped or willing to deal with.

The work is also physically and mentally exhausting. Working seven to seven, seven days a week for weeks and possibly months on end. Some mornings the only thought that got me out of bed was the way we count the days,

“Day $500, Day $1000, Day $1500.”

The pace is fast and you are required to wear multiple hats acting as a customer service liaison, auto damage specialist, and data entry all within a 30-minute appointment span. At nights on deployment, I close my eyes and see hail dents as the texture to the darkness.

For most people, the hardest part is not knowing. Not knowing when the next storm will be, not knowing how much you will make, not knowing how much it will hail this year, not knowing when your last days will be. You don’t know and there are no guarantees.

As cat adjuster’s, we are strictly relying on acts of God to provide for our family. This is a great and terrifying place to be. There have been weeks where all I did was watch the Weather Channel waiting for my first storm. The doubts would creep into my mind as I sat there….. waiting. With my bank account near depleted all I could do was go mow a lawn and wait for the first storm. It always came, but it was never guaranteed.

There are ways to bridge the income valleys and uncertainties I am describing. You can work as an independent daily claims adjuster in the off season. This is how I started my career and I still use it as fill in work. This can be a great career option within itself and when paired with being a hail adjuster the income and consistency can be just what the family needs.

If you are still reading I assume you’ve decided this is worth pursuing. Tomorrow we will take the next step.

If you don't want to wait until tomorrow, check out all 5 steps by clicking the link below.

(This is part of a 5 part series. Look for Step 3 tomorrow. If you want all 5 steps today, click the link below)

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