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Step 1 to Becoming a Hail Adjuster and Making $500 a Day

1st Part of a the 5 Steps to Becoming a Hail Adjuster

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(This is part of a 5 part series. Look for Step 2 tomorrow. If you want all 5 steps today, click the link below)

"5 Steps to Becoming a Hail Adjuster" PDF

Step 1: Believe

$500 a day sounds impossible to many people, including myself. Working 6 plus years at a warehouse, I was hopeful to make more than $500 a week after putting in overtime. The struggle was real and my father-in-law gave me the opportunity of a lifetime when he offered to teach me how to become an independent auto damage adjuster.

He taught me the basics of the automotive parts, identifying damage, how vehicles were repaired, and how to write an estimate using estimating software. He had a tough student. Prior to him taking me under his wing, I had never even changed my own oil, that’s why I know if I can learn, so can YOU.

For all the automotive knowledge that he taught me, the most valuable lesson he ever gave me was, “Fake it until you make it. No one knows what they are doing, until they do.”

My father-in-law proceeded to fill my head with thoughts of traveling the country and chasing storms as an adjuster. He wanted to become a “Cat(astrophic) Adjuster.” He dreamed of him and his wife, my brother-in-law, and my wife and I traveling the country making $500 a day, working six months out of the year with each family having their own RV. 

Becoming a Cat adjuster sounded like a pipe dream, but a fun one. I always thought of myself as a “realist” and never thought it could happen. 9 years later I look back and I’m amazed at the journey I’ve been on.

That opportunity my father-in-law gave me, I’m passing on to you. I’m lighting a fire deep inside you that your life doesn’t have to stay at a warehouse, in a cubicle, driving Uber, or stuck in your hometown.

The last five years I’ve worked as a catastrophic hail adjuster earning from $60,000 in 120 days of work, up to and above six figures. I live full time on a sailboat in the off-season traveling the east coast with months of vacation a year. I’ve traveled for work from Florida to Connecticut, North Carolina to Colorado and almost everywhere in between. My life has been changed by the realization that there are great opportunities for people who believe and take the right steps.

Will you believe? Will you take the steps I lay out in front of you? The only thing holding you back from a better job, life, and income is you. 

If we can get you out of the way and your belief in place let’s take the next step.

(This is part of a 5 part series. Look for Step 2 tomorrow. If you want all 5 steps today, click the link below)

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