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"Learn to Be an IA" Online Job Training for Auto Damage Appraisers and Adjusters

I’m proud to announce that IA Path is launching it’s very first online training course. “Learn to Be an IA” has been created to help new and future auto adjusters become familiar with know how to complete the job as an auto damage appraiser or adjuster.

This course is not exam preparation, there are many great providers for adjuster and appraiser exam preparation (see AdjusterPro), this is job training.

The course takes students on a journey from the decision to become an adjuster to receiving a paycheck and processing their first supplement.

Across 8 modules is a multimedia experience with 48 videos equating to over 6 hours of video, 53 texts for quick reference, discussion sections for each module, Private LinkedIn group, plus audio, templates and downloads supplementing the learning.

“Learn to Be an IA” gives new appraisers and adjusters an opportunity that, until now, has been an education that was very hard to find.

Entering a new career field is challenging enough, being unaware of what is expected of you or what to expect is near immobilizing. IA Path’s goal for this course is to empower a new wave of independent adjusters and appraisers that have been searching for a way to get started.

As an 8-year veteran of the industry, I know the challenges new appraisers face and I include all the best tips, practices, processes, scripts, templates and steps I’ve learned over the last 8 years inside of the “Learn to Be an IA” Online Course.

This self-paced course can be completed in a week, but is designed to be gone through as an overview to understand the job then used as a reference and walkthrough when needed.

Have questions about how to complete an inspection? Reference the inspection module. Forget how to fill out a total loss form? Jump right to it. Don’t remember the difference between a fender and a quarter panel? It’s all there and will be continually updated and added to.

The course officially launches on Monday, January 23rd, but IA Path is currently running a pre-launch special which includes a price of $250.00. Also, all students that sign up during this initial launch will be considered VIP’s of the course and get hands-on interaction, Q&A, and opportunities for feedback with me, the Instructor as we work to improve the course.

The first 10 students to purchase this course will also receive a $1000 mentorship package that is currently not available to the public. This mentorship package includes weekly calls with the instructor in a mastermind style call, estimate writing assistance/review, and a personal recommendation and referral from me after the training is completed.

The mentor training will be state of the art utilizing Livegenic’s Real Time Video Collaboration. Also, utilizing Livegenic’s claims platform and video streaming the inspections will be captured and documented in a way for students first inspections to be reviewed for quality and detail. This will allow for unparalleled learning and feedback.

Badger Mapping is also giving students of the IA Path 2 free months of their state of the art mapping software. With the one click route optimization it's a perfect solution for organizing a busy claims schedule.

Why is Badger Mapping so great for adjusters? Check out my interview withBadger Mapping CEO Steve Benson on the IA Path Podcast by clicking here

There is a free trial for those who are uncertain if they want to become an auto damage appraiser or adjuster. Included is the entire module titled, “The Decision.” Guiding the individual through deciding if this career is right for them.

Interested in becoming an adjuster? Visit

Have friends or family that keep asking you to help them get started? Get them started with the IA Path’s “Learn to Be an IA” Online Course. Let them learn how to complete the job, before investing hours of training into them.

The course modules with a summary are listed below.

The Decision

Deciding if being an adjuster is right for you and obtaining a license is the first step.

The People

Understanding the groups of people, their expectations, and the process involved is important to understand before receiving your first assignment. BONUS – Companies you can call on for work.

The Assignment

 Receiving an assignment for the first time is exciting and overwhelming. This module walks you through “The 4 Steps to Receiving an Assignment”

The Call

This can be stressful if you don’t know what to expect.

Using the IA Path “4 Steps to an Appointment Setting Guide” you’ll know exactly what to say

The Inspection

Completing your first damage inspection is monumental. Use the IA Path’s “3 Steps to a Damage Inspection” to not miss anything.

The Estimate

Computer overwhelm can hit when opening up your estimating system for the first time. Calm your nerves and use the “4 Steps to Writing a Damage Estimate” to complete your estimate.

The Upload

All the work is done, let’s show off your work and get paid.

 Don’t forget anything, including your invoice, with the “4 Steps to a Completed Claim Upload.”

The Supplement

Handling your first supplement is challenging and can be embarrassing. It shouldn’t be we all get them. Don’t walk into it blind let’s tackle it together with the “4 Steps to a Completed Supplement.”

Benefits of the Course

  • The "Learn to be an IA" self-paced course for life with all future updates
  • 8 Modules from The Decision to The Supplement and everything in between
  • Licensing information
  • Companies to help you get started
  • Every phase of the job and break it down into simple steps
  • IA Path PDF Templates
  • Exclusive Access to the IA Path LinkedIn Group
  • Exclusive interactions and Q&A sessions as a VIP of this course.
  • IA Path Certification Upon Completion
  • 2 Months of Badger Mapping Free


Chris has 8 years of experience as an independent adjuster and appraiser.

Starting as a daily auto damage appraiser he has been a dispatcher, file reviewer, and state manager for a nationwide appraisal company.

In catastrophe adjusting, Chris has worked as a Cat Line adjuster, project manager, and regional & national operations manager.

Now with a heart for adjuster placement and training, Chris Stanley founded the IA Path.

Chris continues to work as a catastrophe and daily adjuster.

Don't forget the first 10 students to purchase the course receive the personal mentorship COMPLETELY FREE!

Secure your mentorship by visiting for more information.

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