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09: A Day in the Life of an Adjuster

Episode 09 of the IA Path Podcast

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Episode 09 breakdowns a day in the life of an adjuster. Specifically me, Chris Stanley, and what my day looks like. It's a lot to get talked about in 5 minutes. Put together with me having WAY TOO MUCH coffee during the day I talked a lot faster than previous episodes, but hey its real and it's me.

If you are interested in Badger Mapping Check it out HERE

5pm-5:30pm Receive & Map Claims

5:30pm-6pm Make Phone Calls

Next Day

6-8am Prepare for Day

8-9am Drive to first claim

9-3pm Claim every half hour (appointments given two hour windows)

3-4pm Drive Home

4-7pm Input Claims (possibly break for dinner and resume afterwards)

Roughly a 12 hour day if I'm busy with 10+ claims

8 hours if its 5ish claims.

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