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  • Glad You Are Here

    This is the independent auto damage adjuster and appraisers home for non-corporate success in the insurance industry. "We are IA's"

    Welcome Fellow Adjuster,
    I am so glad you are here. It tells me that you are ready to advance your adjusting career, gain respect, get deployed, become the best, and increase your income - I can help
    My mission is to help you become an A-list adjuster that is desired from every company you encounter.
    But the secret and first step is acquiring the knowledge and skills that sets you a part from the thousands of other licensed adjusters.
    The world and insurance industry needs YOU, not just another adjuster.
    Whether you are just starting out in the insurance claims industry or you are taking your skills to the next level, I'm here to help you accomplish your goals for your career and life.
    After teaching and training other future adjusters like yourself to catastrophic and daily work, my deepest hope is to help you do the same.
    As a 9 year Independent Adjuster (IA) I have experienced the journey you are on and understand what it takes to succeed.
    Your Guide,
    Chris Stanley
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    Here is What IA Path Offers to Current and Future Adjusters

    Online Hail Adjuster Training

    Hail Score

    Score $500 a day deployment with IA Path's online auto hail catastrophe course "Hail Score"


    Online Auto Damage Appraiser Training

    Crash Course

    IA Path's first online course guides new auto damage appraisers through every step of their job.


    IA Path Podcast - for Current and future auto damage appraisers

    Independent Adjuster Podcast

    IA Path's Podcast Is Your Home for Non-Corporate Success As an Independent Claims Adjuster in This World of Insurance

    Hail Adjuster's Playbook

    A Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Catastrophic Auto Hail Adjuster and Earning $500 a Day, with this Amazon #1 Best Seller

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    Articles on Being an Independent Auto Adjuster and Appraiser

  • Why You Should Consider Becoming a Auto Damage Claims Adjuster or Appraiser

    Your Future at a Glance


    It's Your Time

    Full-Time: 100+ Days a year


    Great Income with No College Required

    Full-Time: $63,000+ a yr. (Industry Avg.)


    Options Abound

    Insurance, Body Shop, Related Fields

    Catastrophic Property Adjusting

    Get Out of Debt, Supplemental Income

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